The Design Process


After the initial enquiry:-

  • I like to come and meet you and everyone who will have regular use in the garden
  • Get a feel for the garden
  • The Brief – Complete a short form for all your requirements and needs
  • It is key to have a budget for your garden


After confirmation the design goes ahead:-

  • Surveying -This involves measuring the garden and noting key features for producing a survey plan of your garden as it currently stands. The survey will also contain a North/South sign which is hugely important for both the design and planting
  • A soil assessment will also be done, along with noting any trees (especially with TPO’s or tree preservation orders)
  • Any pest and diseases will be advised on


The exciting part – DESIGN

  • Concept Plan-The design isn’t fixed and can be amended as required at the first stage
  • Master plan is a two-dimensional drawing of your design including features
  • The design and presentation can also include a 3D artists impression of how the garden will look



  • Construction drawings of all garden features.
  • Building materials specifications and quantities.
  • Construction drawings and specifications are sent out to tender.
  • Meetings with builders if necessary.
  • Project management of the build.



  • Planting plans containing all plants and borders
  • Planting plan specifications which is a list and quantity of all the plants and sizes.
  • Sourcing plants if necessary from my nursery contacts.
  • Mood board which helps you to visualise how the plants and materials will work together.
  • Planting of the new borders


  • Maintenance program, including planting and how to look after them if necessary.
  • Updating the garden as it matures
  • Project management.
  • Advice service.
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