Privet always prevails

Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium), meaning oval leaf in Latin, is the perfect hedge for sculpting within a garden with a typically classic look that dates back to the Victorian era.

Its dense foliage, strong upright nature and small leaf give a neat and tidy finish to any shape you require, whether it be curves or crisp edges.
You can see in the pictures how its strong architectural designs could compliment the architecture of a property and incorporate the rest of the planting into any design when done correctly. I particularly like the way you can manipulate light to further enhance a design.

The hedge has lush, green foliage that is not only evergreen, but very hardy and can tolerate both hard winters, and wet soils; It can even be used in coastal areas and is tolerant in urban areas of pollution.

Privet has creamy white flowers in Summer, although this is not it’s strongest feature. It is also wildlife friendly for birds, butterflies and bees.

With common Box (Buxus Sempivirens) popularity declining due to box blight and box moth, privet will always prevail.

Privet is

*Good for wildlife
*Great for creating dramatic sculptures that will hold their shape
*Tolerate Full sun/partial shade
*Can be exposed/sheltered
*North, East, West, South facing
*Tolerant of soil type-Chalk/Clay/Loam/Sand/Alkaline/Neutral/Acid
*Good for screening, Low maintenance/Cottage/Informal
*Can be planted any time of the year, although Autumn/Winter is best.
*Water well until established: (doesn’t really need any fertilizer, although you can add manure to poor soil when you plant)
*Grows fast to produce a thick hedge
*Prune 3 times a year for a neat look
*Tolerates hard pruning and reshaping

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