Another Spring Clean

Spring has sprung with a glowing performance enacted by Narcissi, Snowdrops and Crocuses. Hope is opening the curtain on an ensemble of colour, texture and form; transmitting a sense of relaxation.

With the weather improving, it is a good time to strive for the garden of your dreams whether it be tweaking what you have considered already or, if desired, totally re-designing and building anew.

A spring clean in your garden with love and hard work now, will reward you with a spectacular display, creating wonderful scenes for the remainder of the year.

Spring/March jobs

  • Remove any frost damage to plants
  • Trim perennials to new growth and shrubs before they come into leaf (there are exceptions).
  • Deadhead early flowering bulbs.
  • Prune early flowering clematis (armandii, napaulensis).
  • Check for pests hibernating (aphids vine weevils, slugs, snails etc)
  • Clean the greenhouse using hot soapy water.
  • Clean tools.
  • Sow vegetables (tomatoes, beetroot, broad beans, onions, salad onions, celery, celeriac).
  • Sow herbs (chives, coriander, dill, parsley)
  • Plant fruit trees (apple, cherry etc)
  • Plant strawberry plants
  • Plants rhubarb crowns
  • Feed roses and vegetables
  • Plant summer bulbs such as lilies and dahlias.
  • Move deciduous trees (if necessary)
  • Mulch borders with a thin layer of compost
  • Cut grass when needed and aerate if not done already.
  • Fix damaged wood and re/paint where necessary
  • Tidy the garden thoroughly, removing any dead leaves / foliage and clearing paths

All the above should normally be suggested by your garden designer; this preparation would be carried out along with the more exciting part of the structural building of new areas including pathways and pergola for example.

The right preparation means that, by the time the plants arrive for new/updated borders, the garden of your dreams will be the best it can possibly be….but… Always remember it can snow in March so be prepared!!

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