Creating A Show Garden – Part 3

The Process and Building The journey which is ‘Akira’ begins by leading you through the design via a zen gravel pathway, similar to ones in gardens of the orient. A specimen Niwaki tree stands at the centre of the design and is the main feature whether viewed from inside or on the bench in the garden.Other trees include: Pinus Mugo ‘Carsten Gold’ to the right, (also cloud pruned) and reminiscent of a hand reaching in and pulling you into the garden. It has a lovely yellow colour in Winter which would be just turning green for the show. There were also three acers which might seem excessive, but they are all small trees and slow growing, each with different colours and textures. The Acer on the left: PalmatumDissectum ‘Inaba Shidare’ with its great reddish weeping habit, is so perfectly situated by the bench, so as you pass by, its shape […]

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Creating A Show Garden – Part 2

The Brief – The Build Today I would like to talk to you about the show garden process itself and the building of them. Obtaining sponsorship is crucial when building a show garden due in part to the immense cost involved in the pursuit of perfection, perfection one has to aim for! Moss plays a big part in Japanese gardens and I decided to use sustainable cushion moss as an undulating rhythm throughout the space. I wanted to create a feeling of calmness inspired from sitting on the beach and watching the waves lap over the shore. The RHS are seriously committed to combatting the destruction man has and is still doing to the planet over the years and therefore (and quite rightly) everything used in a show garden has to be responsibly sourced and sustainable. This meant that the moss I needed to use had to be grown hydroponically

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