October Garden Jobs

Autumn/Winter Pruning, Visual Interest, Maintenance of Flower Borders “Think natural sculptures and winter interest before you start”. For some, an immaculately tidy garden is priority above anything else, but in winter and autumn do consider which structures can be left for winter interest and homes for wildlife. Remove anything showing sign of decay or fungal infection and burn rather than compost, especially when signs of rust or leafspots. Hydrangeas are pruned the following year after the first frost has gone to protect the plant. This leaves changing winter colour on the flower head, but also these mopheads of flower that look great frozen in time when the weather is cold. One of my other favourites is Eryngiums (sea holly) with their very architectural spiny foliage below the flower head. Hylotelephium (previously Sedum) have strong umbellifer flower structures which can look good right into Spring. Late flowering Clematis (group 2) can […]

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