Bees On Lavender

Bee kind to each other in these difficult times

Bees are so significant in these hard times for keeping our food chain going and the ecosystem healthy. They also contribute to keeping our economy going, so Bee kind… Save our bees and save ourselves by planting Bee friendly plants and stop using chemicals which can harm or kill the insects we desperately need and rely on. Of some 270 bee species in the UK, the one most people are aware of is the honeybee, yet this is only one of our important pollinators.Each bee has its own unique way of extracting food and pollinating our fruit, vegetables and flowering plants – so mix up your planting. Bees pollinate by travelling from one plant to another collecting pollen in baskets on their legs for the hive. Pollen sticks to their “scopa” (hairs) which then spreads to other plants. Though all plants, trees and shrubs are beautiful, not all are suitable […]

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