The Best Is Yet To Come

With colour in the garden from daffodils and tulips, herbaceous perennials are beginning to emerge from their winter slumber. Lawns are growing creating a lush canvas for flowers and new leaf growth; it is also a good time to lay new turf or repair damaged grass or bare patches. Make sure soil is well prepared and keep moist. Remember the following:- There are chemical treatments for moss, but for me it’s a traditional rake to remove any excess. Power scarifiers are also available and help to remove grass thatch (congested roots from living and dead grass). Aeration or spiking grass using a traditional fork or simply walking using aeration sandals allows air, nutrients and water to penetrate grass roots. There are also power aerators, or hollow tines that remove a core of soil for more drainage. A crisp lawn edging using a half moon tool or adding an edge to […]

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