Snow IN April!!

So!… in April we had a real surprise! Not only snow, but a heavy frost to follow. How does mother nature cope with newly sprouting plants, shrubs and trees? …and how can we help? It might seem surprising, but damp soil holds warmth a lot easier than dry soil and watering during the daytime is the best time to do this. We all know covering plants is a great trick and if possibly moving them inside for further protection works better. Buckets, cloches, old plant pots or even light weight material (so as to not weigh down or damage the plant), cardboard boxes, straw or cutting the bottom off 2 litre bottles to form a cover are all excellent methods of protection. When frost damage does occur, remove the damaged growth once you are certain frosts have passed and prune to a healthy bud. If root damage occurs (particularly in […]

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